Nature’s Prime Garcinia Cambogia 95% HCA


Nature’s Prime Garcinia Cambogia 95% HCA

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Don't have time for the gym?  Take advantage of what experts call a revolutionary breakthrough in weight loss!  Rather than risking your health with products that contain dangerous stimulants, our 100% natural Garcinia (with a powerful 1,400mg of 95% HCA, 75% MORE than most competitors) is your answer! No jitters, no upset stomach, no side effects.  Most potent, 3rd Party Tested, Real Results!

Garcinia Cambogia Extract works to boost weight loss by helping the body burn fat faster and stop the production of new fat cells. 


Garcinia Cambogia is a small, pumpkin-like fruit grown in parts of India and Asia. The extract derived from the fruit rind contains hydroxycitric acid(HCA), which is proven to work as an appetite suppressant and fat burner. Garcinia Cambogia helps support healthy weight maintenance. This product has been featured on today's leading consumer health and wellness television program as an effective and safe product to support healthy weight management.


GARCINIA CAMBOGIA 1400 contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which is thought to block the enzyme citrate lyase, and may keep carbohydrates from turning into fat. Garcinia Cambogia may also benefit the body by reducing blood lipids levels and lowering cholesterol, in turn, offering support for cardiovascular health. It may also increase Serotonin levels and help to balance mood. Garcinia Cambogia 1400 also contains calcium, chromium, and potassium to support overall health. This veggie cap formula contains ZERO fillers, ZERO binders and ZERO artificial ingredients.

Pure Garcinia Cambogia works to: 
BURNS UGLY FAT -- With a healthy diet and regular exercise program 
Turns ON FAT BURNING -- stops fat storage 
• HELPS EASE HUNGER -- ends binge eating 
• BUILDS MORE LEAN MUSCLE - due to fat loss 
• HELPS MAINTAIN WEIGHT LOSS -- and keep it off long term 

Made in USA, with FDA Approved GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice, Highest Quality Standard for Manufacturing Supplements).

Professionally formulated and Manufactured in U.S.A in GMP Certified facility

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.