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Nature's Prime Raspberry Ketone Lean

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Raspberry Ketone is a phenolic compound, which is naturally found in berry fruits like raspberries, also known as Rheosmin, and chemically known as 4-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)-2-butanone. It is the primary compound responsible for the fruity aroma of raspberries, and is often used as a fragrance and flavoring agent for cosmetics, perfumes, foods, and beverages.

Studies have shown that Ketones increase Fatty Acid Oxidation and stimulate Adiponectin, which is a protein involved in regulating Glucose Level and Fatty Acid Oxidation. It burns body fat and converts it into energy the body needs. In this way, it helps the body to control appetite making it an appetite suppressant. Raspberry Ketones work as an efficient weight loss supplement when combined with a balanced diet and exercise. During exercise the body requires extra energy to burn fat, and if you’re taking Raspberry Ketones, existing body fat is burned and converted into the energy needed for exercise. Raspberry Ketones also stimulate the secretion of Adinopectin (Enzyme). This supports and boosts your metabolism, which converts food into energy and will help in storing less food and fat in the body.

Raspberry Ketones increase the level of Adiponectin, a protein responsible for the oxidation of body fat and convert fat into free energy for the body to use in a way that controls appetite. The fat blocker Raspberry Ketones inhibits the enzyme Citrate Lyase, which is a key enzyme in making fat from food. It also increases the level of the Serotonin hormone, which is known as a mood elevator hormone and appetite controller. So the combined effect is additive because one blocks the formation of fat and the other burns the fat and converts it into energy, which body can utilize to preform regular activity without taking additional food. We strongly recommend a balanced diet and regular exercise to achieve best weight loss result.

Why Our Products?

Because they are pure, natural Raspberry Ketones, not synthesized in a lab, but extracted from natural sources. 1200 mg, 60 capsules, no additives, no binders, no fillers and no artificial ingredients. Our propriety formulation is manufactured in an FDA Inspected Facility.

Key Features

  • Maximizes Body Energy - enzyme lipases help breakdown fat cells, turning fat to fuel promoting increased energy levels.
  • Burns Body Fat - by metabolism and lipolysis (breakdown of fat).
  • Promotes Appetite Suppression - causes the body to release more of a hormone Leptin. Leptin is one of the appetite hormones in your body that, when producing more, will help you feel full.
  • Pure Natural Raspberry Ketones Extract – a safe, natural compound found in raspberries. Not synthesized in a laboratory.
  • Comes in 1200 mg Capsules – 60 Capsules per bottle. Manufactured in the USA in US FDA & GMP Certified Manufactured Facility.
  • Pure Natural Raspberry Ketones (Extracted from Natural Sources), No Additives, No Fillers or Artificial Ingredients.
  • Made in USA, with FDA Approved GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice, Highest Quality Standard for Manufacturing Supplements).
  • Professionally formulated and Manufactured in U.S.A in GMP Certified facility.
  • Comes in Capsule Form- which is easy to swallow and more effective.


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